Engineer Ethics Essay

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Sifting throughrecent legal complaints, corporate disclosures and court rulings, it's difficult to find a singleprovision within this fledgling code that has not been allegedly trampled or disregarded... What's more, the mechanism is supposed to protect complainants from retaliation, but seems to have proven of little use to special committee members...

By now, it's clear the issue regarding ethics isn't about awareness or clever guidelines, but rather the actual inability or choice not to enforce them.

All 'cutting-edge' fields push the boundaries of mankind and in the process create controversy.

All cutting-edge fields must grow rapidly, as their very existence and prosperity depends on it.

Yet, I remain optimistic: I believe engineers are pivotal to effecting improvement in the strict enforcement of ethics.

I see a few prerequisites imperative to the success of any enforcement scheme.

Even if a company has formal ethical guidelines in place, the extent of observance ends with mere lip-service.

Despite having a thorough ethics manual, it's common to ignore it in practice to suit convenience. If present circumstances prevail, expecting any change in the above two scenarios is purely wishful thinking.

So, have we engineers reached a maturity level that can provide more than just lip-service to ethics?

Can we groom our own attitudes to create a favorable atmosphere wherein ethics are truly observed?


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