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The Write Placer Written Essay section of the ACCUPLACER assessment test evaluates your ability to write coherently and articulately.

This section is graded on a scale that ranges between 0 and 8 points.

We got the Family Membership subscription to help our children become confident and familiar with the Cog AT Level 10 test.

We chose Test Prep-Online as it was a straight-forward site and felt trustworthy.

The trademark holder is not affiliated with Test Prep-Online or this website.

What would you do if you were late for an important appointment? What would you do if you left something in a locked building? What would you do if your best friend stole something from you? What would you do if someone accused you of a crime you didn’t commit? What would you do if you got lost in an unfamiliar city? The English-As-A-Second Language assessment consists of four sections: Language Use, Listening, Reading Skills, and Sentence Skills.Learn more about the ACCUPLACER English-As-A-Second Language scoring scales.What would you do if your car got a flat tire on the freeway? If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be? Do you need help understanding how the ACCUPLACER grading system works?Learn how to interpret ACCUPLACER scores so that you can target and hone the specific skills you need to boost your results on the ACCUPLACER Test. I found Test Prep-Online’s preparation pack very helpful. I found that the explanations and solving tips really helped me to learn the material and improve my score.


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