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In that case, you should try to decide ahead of time which of these ways of working is most needed for the job, based on what you presume to know about the position.Try to understand your strengths and how you actually do prefer to work, so you can answer honestly and tactfully.Now, the reason why this question is tricky is because there really isn’t one “right” answer to give.

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And if you’re applying for a remote job, it could be counted against you, since you’ll need to know how to work independently in order to be successful.

Being able to work independently is a soft skill that many employers look for in potential new hires.

Extroverted people can be exciting to be around, and their outgoing nature can make them quite likeable and amenable in a group setting.

All that aside, stating that you prefer to work on a team could potentially be misconstrued by a hiring manager.

While it may seem like there’s only one choice that would satisfy a potential boss, in reality, there really are positives and negatives to working on a team and individually. After all, collaboration is a key part of a successful team, and you might assume that your boss wants a new hire who can work well with other coworkers.

They don’t want someone who is going to be antisocial or sit silently during meetings, you reason.

When it comes down to it, inquiring about a candidates preference in teamwork vs individual work seems to really be asking if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Extroverts enjoy working with others, are oftentimes outgoing, and are energized when they’re around others.

Introverts, on the other hand, crave quiet time and solitude, and are at their best when they are alone.

Even if you prefer to work by yourself, you might be hesitant to admit it.

By stating that you enjoy working solo, you might imagine that your boss-to-be is thinking that you’ll be holed up in your home office, unfriendly and unwilling to engage with your fellow colleagues.


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