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A volume of correspondence, 1846-1905, consists primarily of Anthony's letters to Rachel Foster Avery concerning the details of Anthony's extensive lecture circuit, her finances, the activities of the National Woman Suffrage Association, and her work on the multivolume which she coedited with Stanton and others.The file also includes several letters from Anthony to the Reverend Anna Howard Shaw and letters from Wendell Phillips.

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Anthony's early focus was temperance and abolition as well as women's suffrage and education.

Anthony was teaching school in Canajoharie, in the Mohawk Valley.

Anthony (1820-1906) span the period 1846-1934 with the bulk of the material dating from 1846 to 1906. Anthony's interests in abolition and women's education, her campaign for women's property rights and suffrage in New York, and her work with the National Woman Suffrage Association, the organization she and Elizabeth Cady Stanton founded in 1869 when the suffrage movement split into two rival camps at odds about whether to press for a federal women's suffrage amendment or to seek state-by-state enfranchisement.

The collection, consisting of approximately 500 items (6,265 images) on seven recently digitized microfilm reels, includes correspondence, diaries, a daybook, scrapbooks, speeches, and miscellaneous items. With the possible exception of her close collaborator Stanton, no woman is more associated with the campaign for women's voting rights than Anthony, whose name became so synonymous with suffrage that the federal amendment, which formally became the Nineteenth Amendment, was called for many years by its supporters as simply the Anthony Amendment.

Her issues were straightforward: " We demand the abolition of slavery because the slave is a human being." (Dubois 78-80) Anthony and her friend Elizabeth Stanton organized a Women's National Loyal League to support and petition for the Thirteenth Amendment outlawing slavery.

Not only did she campaign for the slaves, but also for the blacks and women's full citizenship, including the right to vote, in the 14th and 15th amendments.Stanton reports that Anthony, when she read of the proceedings, was “startled and amused” and “laughed heartily at the novelty and presumption of the demand.” Anthony’s sister Mary (with whom Susan lived for many years in adulthood) and their parents attended a woman’s rights meeting held at the First Unitarian Church in Rochester, where the Anthony family had begun attending services, after the Seneca Falls meeting. Anthony was circulating anti-slavery petitions when she was 16 and 17 years old.There, they signed a copy of the Declaration of Sentiments passed at Seneca Falls. She worked for a while as the New York state agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society.Also included are six scrapbooks compiled by Anthony's younger sister Mary, containing a valuable compilation of newspaper clippings, convention programs, and other contemporary accounts, which would be impossible to reassemble today.The scrapbooks primarily document Susan's and Mary's activities on behalf of woman suffrage, especially the conventions of the National Woman Suffrage Association and the New York State Woman Suffrage Association.Anthony's family was involved in the anti-slavery movement.Anthony refused to purchase goods by slaveholders, such as cotton cloth or cane sugar.During her fifty years Anthony was an abolitionist, educational reformer, temperance worker, and a woman's right campaigner.Anthony traveled, lectured, and canvassed across the nation to gain equal privileges for all women, including the right to vote.(Monsell 60) Anthony continued to campaign for equal rights for all American citizens, including ex-slaves.As an educational reformer, Susan took position of headmistre ...


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