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He does begin to have some rhyming toward the end of the poem.The appearance and scope of the poem develop as he talks with confidence in the poem to his teacher.

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Langston Hughes' poem "Theme for English B" is a meditation by the speaker after his professor assigns the students to write one page and says that whatever the students write, as long as it comes from themselves, will be true. He notes that there is a divide between his professor and himself, because the professor is white and the speaker is black.

The speaker goes on to cite some things that he experiences and likes as a way of establishing some sense of self in his assignment. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.

When the assignment is given, the poet never questions it. One of the oddities in an English class is that the grading is most often subjective.

If a teacher grades an essay or a poem, there are standards to base a grade, but there is always an element of subjectivity that the student must understand will be used in the evaluation of the work.

He states that they both influence each other, that is what being American is about.

He believes that both of them might not want to influence each other, but it cannot be helped.This is despite the fact that he concludes that race does not hinder people, in general, liking the same things.IMPORTANT WORDS/ PHRASES 3.’here to this college on the hill above Harlem.’ The fact that the college is on a hill, above Harlem, is very important.This question, in turn, actually highlights the difficult nature of the task.Stanza 3, line24: This question highlights the persona’s confusion as to who he is, or his character. Stanza 4, line 32: The persona is wondering whether his race will affect what he writes on the page.He concludes that both of them will learn from each other, despite the fact that the instructor has the advantage of being older, white and ‘more free’.All of these musings and conclusions become his page for English B. RHETORICAL QUESTION Stanza 2, line 6: The persona ponders the ease of what he is asked to do.He continues his musing about what he likes, and concludes that he likes the same things that people of other races like.On this basis, he questions whether or not his page will be influenced by race. He admits that his instructor, as well as the fact that this instructor is white, will have some influence on his page.The persona wonders if this is a simple task, and begins to think about his life.Things like his age, place of birth, race and place of residence.


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