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Therefore, this justifies my thesis statement that money may not be everything.It can only be a by-product but not the true measure of success.However, in my opinion, success is a blend of numerous factors. In my own opinion, I believe that people without goals are visionless in life.

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This means you have a voice in community, so you can improve sociability and you can use all environments to reach success.

Last but not least, although some people may disagree, I personally think that communication skill should be reinforced with computer ability.

There are numerous examples of men who have been regarded as wealthy and successful as a result of having a lot of Money such as Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Vladimir Lisin, and Paul Allen among others.

However, on the contrary, most of these men have been documented to lead miserable lives because the power and affluence are not the genuine recipes for success.

They become enslaved to riches and get addicted to money, and in the process they lose their self esteem, admiration and respect that true wealth brings.

Although money has been positively linked to success, proper management and knowledge of financial management is essential.In fact, having money or the desire to make money is a powerful motivation for success.However, the association of money and success should not be regarded as the absolute truth.The pursuit for money is like a “mirage” or like chasing the wind.Many people who crave for success spent most of their active life making money and forget the essential things in life; happiness and health.In a recent study conducted to find out the most optimistic people in the world, most Americans equate wealth with success.They believe that the more money you have, the more successful you become in life. Many people believe that having lots of money provides one with a status symbol and brings freedom, power and many material things in life.For one to succeed in life, it is essential to set objectives and goals to achieve in life.Therefore, true success in life is seldom achieved by chance, but by setting clear achievable goals.Another reason why I agree with the above statement that I strongly believe that communication helps us keep friendship because we spend a lot of time with our friends and share our feelings.That is to say, if you have strong communication ability, you can easily affect a dissident person and other people show respect for your opinions.


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