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[tags: imagery, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre,] - The heart of poetry is in its imagery, which leads the reader to perceive all of the senses the poet was feeling – the sights, sounds, scents, touches.A poet uses imagery to evoke these emotions in the reader to paint a mental picture – to “show” the reader the experience that inspired the poet, not just “tell” the story.The husband, Savely, accuses his wife of being a witch because of all the young men who keep disappearing and accuses her of using her witchcraft on the postman.

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Each one of these is an important symbol used throughout the play.

They add to a complete understanding of a passage or the play as a whole.

These numerous symbols and events in the story have a more in-depth meaning, and are extremely important throughout the story.

Throughout the entire novella, Joseph Conrad uses simple events to describe significant dark and light imagery....

[tags: imagery, heart of darkness, conrad, ] - Ars Poetica, written by Archibald Mac Leish, depicts the significance of a poem’s use of imagery in order to convey the author’s intended meaning.

“A poem should be wordless, as the flight of birds” (Mac Leish 558 l.7-8).

Likewise, water is composed of H20 molecules and acts as a counter to fire by possessing the ability to extinguish it.

However, in literary terms, fire is mostly related to passion while water usually represents reason and calmness.

A flock of birds does not take much thought to comprehend, rather the sight explains the event itself.

This beautiful metaphor presents a suggestion for poets by displaying its effectiveness first hand.


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