Essay Impact Of Internet On Society

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This is the digital age and there’s no gainsaying the fact that most of the world or at least a sizeable chunk of the 7.5 Billion people are net savvy.

We all use the internet to communicate with others, to use the same for hosting video conference calls or just to call one’s family.

Although we are not yet living in a dystopian world, we may as well be there given the sheer amount of time that each one of us spends online.

Given this, it is time that we took a closer look at some of the positive and negative impacts of the internet and the way it is being utilized today.

The fact remains that we all use the internet increasingly more these days on account of the fact that we can now carry out several tasks from being online.

And thanks to IOT, or internet of things, the ways and means through which we can use the net to control our immediate environment has grown tenfold in the last few years.

Why would anyone like to pay more when you can get it for free?

Also, Special websites are also created these days just to give us the new and cheap and useful programs.

If we talk about the offices these days whether government or private, computers and Internet play a major role in it.

Almost every work in offices requires access to Internet and it is very hard to do work without it.


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