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Essay Marking Grid-38
This is a guide to the criteria used by staff in assigning a mark to a piece of work.

This is a guide to the criteria used by staff in assigning a mark to a piece of work.

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70-74 Shows a clear awareness of the salient points and an ability to discuss them analytically and incisively.

Evidence of undoubted quality in the use of secondary sources or evidence, but not sustained across the entire range.

Written in clear accurate prose, well structured and using a range of examples to support the argument.

Provides references in line with the Departmental style sheet. A direct answer to the question, showing an awareness of different arguments and interpretations, and developing a coherent and well-structured discussion.

In cases you want to know if students have a deep understanding of a specific topic, multiple-choice might not be the best answer (no pun intended).

Instead, you might present a problem to solve or an essay question.60-64 A mark in this range will demonstrate a good overall level of competence but will show some weakness in terms of breadth of knowledge, depth, precision, clarity, or style.The answer may neglect some areas of the question, or show some weakness in the prose, or the range of reading.Evidence of strength in some areas may compensate for weaknesses in others.A well argued and perceptive response to the question, based on wide reading.Well written, with few technical errors and a sense of style.A mark in this range recognises intelligent and thoughtful engagement with the subject, a strong grounding in the topic, and the presentation of a coherent argument with an awareness of nuance and complexity, although not all of these elements need be equally strong.55-59 A relevant response to the question showing a reasonable level of general competency and knowledge according to most criteria, but with weakness in some areas.Some use of relevant examples and some appreciation of different arguments and interpretations.In recent posts, we’ve discussed tips on developing high-quality multiple-choice exams.Multiple-choice questions are an efficient way to assess student learning across a wide range of learning objectives.


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