Essay On Beauty Of Nature

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Yesenin’s poem “Sunrise”: “The dawn of red dawned in the sky in dark blue, The strip was clear in its brilliance with gold.”What bright colors, what juicy nuances the poet used to convey all the charm of the surrounding world!

From here, it flows into a great lake and thence to the Indian Ocean.

It is a place, and a moment in time, where one feels time warped to the beginning of time, where everything is still as it always was.

A lot of them enjoy sledging or skiing, which makes them really happy.

If only all the grown-ups could be brave enough to...

In the early morning, flowing the river alive and sparkling in the sun, crocodiles basking in the warmth, animals drinking while it was still cool, the river broadened and flowed in channels around green islands.

Then it fell down a 100-meter chasm as a magnificent waterfall, 1708 meters wide.

Soon the animals were gone; the river flows on into the night.

Not far away there was a noise like thunder that sounded constantly.

Everything is covered in snow and the trees have funny shapes.

Children are running around, making snowmen and playing snowballs.


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