Essay On Bullying Introduction

Essay On Bullying Introduction-44
That is why I have decided to study the concept of bullying, find out the reasons why people do that and see who is to blame.Finally, my aim is to analyze and come up with the ways to stop cyber bullying.As an adolescent, I am truly concerned with what is happening on the Internet.

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The victim of cyber bullying can often be ridiculed on forums and social media by a group of people.

A cyber bullying situation can be of different character, still one thing that is similar is humiliation.

Usually, there is no particular reason why they do that.

That is why it is difficult for a victim to understand why they are being targeted.

While the Internet has long become a dangerous place with all the viruses and programming faults, today it has become a dangerous place for people.

The cases of cyber bullying have increased over the last years and this has to stop.

The victims of bullying become depressed and feel helpless, as they often do not know where and who to turn to help for.

Examining all the harmful effects of cyber bullying, it is clear that it should be stopped, but the question is how can it be stopped?

Many states have already started controlling and regulating cyber bullying as well as the traditional one.

Despite the fact that the Internet allows anonymity for anybody, the society still tries to find the ways to stop it from happening.


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