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Listening slow sound music gives us relief and peace and makes us healthy mentally and spiritually. I still remember that the weekend means all the Sundays in my family was fixed as a music day.

It helps us to get prevented from the mental and emotional problems all through the life. All through the day, the slow music was running in the centre of the house and every family member was doing their work.

These essays will take you into the journey of music, from its evolution to its popularity and never ending evolution to new forms and instruments.

You can use these music essay in your school assignments of music or in debates, discussions on the subject with your friends or family.

It is the powerful tool which would increase your concentration power and always help you to go ahead and get success in your life.

Complex Analysis Homework Solutions - Essay On Math And Music

Music is the God gifted tool for living healthy life to whole human fraternity.It is a God gift to me which I ever use for my wellness and always instructs others to take help of the music.I am very fond of listening music from my childhood because of my father as well as performing music at various places like concert halls, churches, birthdays, party with friends and other places.Music plays an integral and essential role in our life.There are various types of music which we can enjoy according to our need ad requirement.It was my dad who inspires all family members to listen music. Music is like a meditation and benefits a lot to us if we listen music on daily basis.Some students are habitual to listen music during their study time, without music they cannot read.It is a key to soul which helps us in making physically and mentally healthy.Musical is a melody which triggers positive thoughts and good memories of past time, favorite places, persons or events.It gives relief to a great extent and keeps me happy.Listening music is my passion and it is the secret of my life to be healthy and always happy.


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