Essay On Stalin'S Rule

As heavy industry developed, agriculture was to be collectivized. There would be no more individual farms, and no more individual farmers selling their goods independently.

The farmers were required to hand over a certain amount of produce to the state each year.

Where within a five-year period, each business was given a target that it must reach.

The punishments for failing to meet the target were extremely severe.

Some peasants and many kulaks resisted collectivization.

They slaughtered their own cattle rather than to turn it over to the government.

When Stalin was in power, there was no doubt that millions of innocent people had died through his strategies of making Russia more powerful.

But in spite of his cruel methods, Joseph Stalin deserves the title of the ‘Father of the USSR’, for industrializing the country, collectivizing its agriculture and making the Soviet Union more active in international affairs.

To achieve this goal, he felt that Russia needed to rapidly industrialize, since they were 100 years behind advanced countries.

As heavy industry was being developed, agriculture was to be collectivized as a part of achieving Stalin’s goal to make Russia a stronger state.


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