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Voltaire caricatured myth of the noble savage, thinking that Rousseau wanted to regress humanity, what is wrong.The state of nature in Rousseau is a theoretical fiction, an intellectual artifact to understand the origin of man. If the first part of speech is a meticulous reconstruction of the natural man, the second part is an exploration of the roots of inequality: “The first who, having enclosed a piece of land is thought of saying This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe, was the true founder of civil society.Rousseau explains the major phases of technological change (metallurgy and agriculture) and its influence on human psychology.

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Establishes property classes, conflicts between rich and poor because the owner acts as if possessed workers.

The solution to this conflict is a contract, proposed by the rich to the poor, to form political societies.

” This is property, theft who created and institutionalized inequality between men.

Work, and oppression that results is a consequence of the property.

His body is his only tool, and his only weapon (even Rousseau said that man of civilization would be easily beaten by the natural man in a fight).

Dépouvru of moral sense, the natural man neither knows neither good nor evil, he is a sub-moral (and vice refutes Rousseau attributed by Hobbes to human nature). He has few needs, and for that he easily manages to satisfy them.The natural man is well balanced by his two trends, pity (which pushes it to the other) and self-preservation (which isolates).In marital status, laws and virtues play the roles of these two instincts.To achieve this, Rousseau uses a thought experiment, the state of nature, which is therefore not a historical truth.Rousseau described the man in nature: it is a strong, agile, smaller but more organized than the animals in his environment.[…] The Metallurgy and agriculture were the two arts whose invention produced this great revolution.For the poet it is gold and silver, but for the philosopher it is iron and wheat which have civilized men and ruined the human race.This speech, unlike an essay, is written with a pen passionate, even fiery at times, making reading a pleasure.In terms of methodology, Rousseau traces the journey of humanity from its origin (but outside any religious context), the paints in his state of nature to better understand how humanity, decadent according to him, got there .This will be the source of perfectibility leaving the natural state and the cause of his misfortune, according to Rousseau. So he studied the man in two forms: physical appearance and its moral and psychological.Rousseau also describes the evolution of language: cry of nature at the outset, the language is changing because his ideas are more complex.


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