Essay On Use Of Computers In Business

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A lot of benefits can be given by utilizing computers in every facet of life.

One of the main reasons why humans prefer to use computers is to achieve better performance on the work being accomplished.

These programs offer spelling and grammar checks that is very helpful in making good documents. Before the advent of computer technology, manual filing processes are being exercised by many businesses and industries.

Such procedure takes tedious work by people working on it and also prone to many blunders.

Internet is also a new tool in learning and cannot be utilized without the use of computer workstations.

Currently, marketing techniques also uses the internet in advertising their products as well as doing other transactions.Inventory processes are also made easier using workstations.Instead of manual checking of merchandises, sophisticated means can be substituted like radio frequency identifications and bar coding, both computer related procedures.Many consumer-related products are doing online selling, including payment systems via the credit cards.Banking businesses also operate online banking transactions, to address the client in remote places.One particular application that can be aided by computer systems is the word processing.Many companies use programs that are helpful for the employees responsible for furnishing the documents and graphics materials needed.A person should be cautioned of the trust given to him by the company and must take all the effort to provide the best service he can give.Conclusively, people should choose to do well, a clear evidence of being a true God-fearing individual. This can be done by simply adding or deleting data in the important files by the company.Hacking is also a computer-related crime that even employees are capable of.


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