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Then, I have the few hours of peace before the kids come back and I write.Once the kids come back, I spend time with them over lunch.My wife working creates even more pressure for me to remain successful.

In the afternoons, I do work of lesser concentration such as emails.

I am not a workaholic and do not like to work more than seven hours a day.

I am far calmer and happier today after quitting, but yes, the end of the month salary is missed.

Forbes India: If things don't stay as good as they have been thus far — if your next books doesn't sell as much the previous ones, for instance — do you have a Plan B?

) and lucrative career to pursue the writing dream, a life that is notoriously unpredictable. I still kept working all the way until three books became bestsellers and two movies based on them went on the floor.

A top psychiatrist in Delhi told me that my impact on young minds is tremendous, and I have the power to influence them on how they live their life, if I want to take it.I also write my column once in two weeks, as a weekly one would be difficult for me. And specific to writing, who are the writers you seek to emulate? There is Chetan the entertainer — and my icons there are from the entertainment industry — whether it is Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Woody Allen, Rob Reiner.When I am writing a book, I withdraw from my blog and networking sites – something my fans are not too happy about but ultimately understand. Then there is Chetan the writer — Hemingway, Orwell, RK Narayan would be icons there. Chetan Bhagat: When I am writing, I avoid reading other books, especially fiction as it will impact my writing.Forbes India: You speak of doing around 50 talks around the country every year. You keep in touch with your fans via your site and social media.How the heck do you fit it all in and still get the books done? I have limited myself to four talks a month, or roughly once a week, though mostly I combine a couple of them on one trip.That comes from luck, or if you want to be romantic about it, destiny. At the same time we are prejudiced, live in the past and are cynical. Whichever idea keeps knocking in my head hundred times over, wins.We also are in a winner takes all society, where the winner gets a lot more attention than the next guy, who may not be very different. Chetan Bhagat: I think the Indian middle class life, or the so-called ‘Indian way’ inspires me. Forbes India: Do you have several ideas in various stages of completion at any one point, or is it one book at a time? I may have many ideas, but it is difficult for me to ration my thoughts towards different ideas.In the evening, I’ll go with kids to the park or go for a walk.My wife returns in the evening and we all have dinner together. Of course, the normal day can easily be derailed if one of my directors needs me to come for script work or if my publisher calls for something else.In school, I was a good student, though not extraordinary. Did it help that your wife is a successful professional in her own right?In fact i see the scores required now and shudder on how one can get a good college. Forbes India: You left a secure (though it isn't as safe a field these days! Chetan Bhagat: I think the continued response to all my books, and the rising fan base made me feel that ultimately I meant to something other than working in the bank.


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