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We'll use that classic demonstration from the movie Interstellar, where you draw a line from two points, on a piece of paper and then fold the paper over and jab your pencil through to shorten the journey.That works great on paper, but is this actual physics?

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We have to work with what physics will allow, not what we think it should allow.

Its seems that travelling in this way requires entering another dimension, if only temporarily.

Reality says that we'd need a ship that can somehow last for hundreds or thousands of years, while generation after generation of astronauts are born, live their lives and die in transit to another star.

Science fiction, on the other hand, woos us with its beguiling methods of advanced propulsion. Someone should really get around to inventing these wormholes, ushering in a bold new future of intergalactic speedwalking.

Crank up the warp drive and watch the stars streak past us, making a journey to Alpha Centauri as quick as a pleasure cruise. A wormhole; a magical gateway that connects two points in space and time with one another. What are wormholes, exactly, and how soon until I get to use one? A wormhole, also known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge is a theoretical method of folding space and time so that you could connect two places in space together.

Just align the chevrons to dial in your destination, wait for the stargate to stabilize and then just walk… You could then travel instantaneously from one place to another.

Some say it is absurd to believe that life could exist on another planet, but is it really that outrageous when our very own Earth transformed from an uninhabitable sauna to a planet where life is abundant?

Carl Sagan believed that life was possible on another planet.

Over billions of years the planet we call home has been changing and growing more diverse with each modification.

Geological changes allowed for new organisms to form whereas mutations and adaptations allowed for these organisms to become more diverse and even produce completely new life forms all together.


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