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Kings were absolute kings and were resposible to no none except god.

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Western Civilization from 1589 to 1914 had many specific changes that contributed to the structure of the western world before World War I.

In the absolutism state sovereignty is embodied in the person of the ruler.

The scientific community's primary goal was to expand knowledge.

Because the link between pure science and applied technology was weak, the scientific revolution had little effect on daily life before the 19th century.

By the 12th century, there was a lot of learning and art in Europe fueled through the construction and establishment of cathedrals and medieval universities.

Reformation during the 14th century shattered Christian unity.

Constitutional governments may be either be republics or monarchies. Fear of a catholic monarchy led to the expulsion of James the 2nd and the glorious revolution.

Between 16 absolutism ran along second to English beliefs. Constitutionalism was the way of the future and in my own personal opinion it was the best way to go.

Galileo contributed greatly to the world of science.

He discovered the laws of motion using the experimental method.


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