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The prohibition was the big problem the guy that was making all these guys go negative.

Another drunk was known as a bootlegger, who would sell and travel illegal alcohol over the United States.

Many people were drinking all over from adsense to elders.

People took it out of control and started taking abuse on it and made serious problems like corruption, child abuse, crime, unemployment, and worker safety. This was around the time when divorce wasn’t around and women couldn’t leave the men because of their addiction.

So a drunkard makes all efforts in this regard to drink illicit liquor. If the addicts to drink respond positively, this will be a great miracle indeed.

Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder Essay - Essay Prohibition

As the habit of drinking is purely personal, this problem should be solved only at the personal level.

As it is well said, law and morals have the same centre but not the same circumference.

Thomas 2A 22 January 2015 DBQ: Prohibition Did America make the right choice of repealing the 18th amendment?

Some State governments implemented prohibition in 50’s and 60’s based on the directive. But all met with failure and gave up prohibition as a State Policy.

He said that if he were appointed dictator for one hour for all India, the first thing that he would do would be to close, with compensation, all the liquor shops and destroy all the toddy palms. Taking the views of Gandhiji, prohibition was included as one of the Directive Principles of State Policy in our Constitution.


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