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Factually, the different arms of the governments cannot operate independent of each other, yet they must keep a safe distance that will enable them operate effectively and carry out their daily activities.

This doctrine of separation of powers classifies the institutions of government into 3 major branches classified as the legislative, the Executive and the judicial branch.

" (Heywood 152) This question is thrown into stark relief, given the recent Kobe Bryant Scandal regarding the accuser's allegations that the NBA superstar raped her.

(, 2003) Theorists and Sociological concepts On one hand, it could be argued that the privileges of the wealth and fame offered by Bryant's status gave him added media protection.

The main criticism of virtue ethics theory is that it does not provide action guidance. [Read More] knowledge, or epistemology, has viewed knowledge in very different ways over time, but in the future I believe it will be the field of memetics that will dominate the field.

Memetics has its roots in evolutionary epistemology, or the idea that "knowledge is constructed by the subject or group of subjects in order to adapt to their environment in the broad sense." (Heylighen, 1993) What people know is constructed from other pieces of knowledge and if it aids in survival, that knowledge is retained.The debate about virtue ethics Main issues Critical analysis of virtue ethics criticism Virtues should be the starting point for ethical theory This paper revolves around the question that whether or not virtues are an appropriate starting point for ethical theory.I have presented the main criticism on virtue ethics theory followed by the defense of this theory by renowned virtue ethicists.To be able to promote economic growth and prosperity it is essential that a country controls its power of creativity and enterprise of its citizens, which would aid it to move into the global market in terms of trade, communication and investment systems.It has been noticed that the most talented members of the society are usually not granted their human rights and hence the political, social, and cultural developments of the society are being not in order due to human rights being violated.Virtue ethics has been gaining popularity as an alternative theory to deontologist and etiologist perspective of ethics.Main concerns in the virtue ethics approach are with the character, personality, environment and reasoning of the individual who acts.In a world of instant communication and massive information availability, memes can spread……[Read More] Sociological Theories Do laws serve to help the masses or do they serve the "propertied and privileged few?Far from being the gourmet delicacy lobsters are now, the "bugs" have come to connote ironically high-class foodstuff.Wallace's article echoes one of the core arguments made by Scruton in "The Conscientious Carnivore." Food customs are largely arbitrary, based on ritual and social custom.


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