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Citizens are expected to participate on the political process by voting, debating issues, joining one of the two political parties or remaining independent.Multi-party systems allow divergent interests and points of view to be expressed more directly, and provide scope for the representation of radical alternatives; on the other hand, no one party is likely to achieve an overall majority.

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Political party is an organized group of people who control or seek to control a government.

In democratic countries, political parties compete against one another in elections to keep or gain control of a government.

In India, we also find more or less the same position adopted by Congress and BJP in regard to economic matters.

A collection of essay questions for Paper 1 and Paper 2, written in the format of the Edexcel exam for the new, 2017 specification.

Political Party Reforms for A Stronger Democracy Political Science fraternity all over the world has been discussing innumerable aspects of party systems and related issues for the last several years. Differences of opinions in politics have created what we know as political parties. Although there are more than two political parties, the Democratic and Republican Parties, have dominated the political system for hundreds of years. Since the administration of George Washington two political parties have dominated the United States political system, but they have not always been the same two parties. Other Americans favor political parties and take part in it. Our nation began without political parties; today political parties, though far from extinct, are about as weak as a... All of the beliefs are essential to the Democratic Party. The founders originally had negative attitudes toward political parties. For political parties that emphasize ideology, fidelity to principle is more important than winning elections. Political Parties in the United States Today the United States has two major political parties: the Democratic Party, which has evolved out of Thomas Jefferson's party formed before 1792, and the Republican Party formed in the 1854 mostly by people in the states of the North and West who wanted to prevent the expansion of slavery into new states being admitted to the union at that period. Both parties are moderate and close to the political centre, but the Republicans are to the right and the Democrats to the left of centre. Political Parties in the United Kingdom The Conservativ...

But, one hardly comes across any staunch supporter of the concept of organisationally strong political parties. In the 1998 edition the volume "Political Parties of the World" the editors have come out with a largely acceptable definition of a political party. It said, "What would democracy look like if there were no political parties? The Democratic Party The United States" Democratic Party is a strong political party and many people support their views. There are also many people who support the Democratic Party. Their beliefs of a strong economy, stability in Social Security, a Patient's Bill of Rights, and equal rights for women have made the Democratic Party of the United States to be a strong political party that has lasted for many years and will last for years to come. A political party is defined as an organization that consists of individuals with a common body of principles and goals who attempt to gain control of government by winning elections. Consequently, political parties have become a permanent feature of American politics. The two parties began to compete in elections and thus, a two party American political system emerged.In western capitalist societies a plural­istic competition between parties for political support is more pronounced.Whether a two-party system or a system involving more parties flourishes depends in large part on the nature of electoral procedures in a given country.In the United States and Canada, political parties are active on the national, state or provincial, and local levels. Political parties are absolutely necessary to democratic government.Most modern democracies are representative democracies. That is, the people elect representatives to act as their agents in making and enforcing laws.With grant citizen the freedom to select for the multiple types of political parties: Republican, Democratic, Constitution, Moderate, Independent etc..Even Though these party have different beliefs of how the nation should be run, they both have a common factor.They have confidence that their party rights should be legalized.In my personally opinion I don't stand with a particular political party but if it came down the line would be an Independent party.In a representative democracy, some means is needed for nominating candidates for public office and for selecting issues for public debate. At election time, the people vote into office the candidates of their choice.Political parties are voluntary organizations and want as many members as possible.


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