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Beneficial attributes of self-awareness emanate from various avenues.

As such, persons need to understand and utilize......

In this way, managers are able to access all forms of feedback form fellow workmates, and then devise a working plan on time. Gold and Mumford (2004, pp.148) argue that, through self-awareness, managers are made aware of their weak points, work on the weaknesses, consequently, gain strength to run the organization.

In the course of working, learning cannot be alienated form the venture.

Self-development is self-directed and requires the individual to be dynamic in order, to grasp concepts that relate to their line of duty.

Future manager with self – analysis and continuous self – development According to Meyer (2001, pp.7) self-analysis allows managers establish the roots of their weaknesses whilst in their jobs.

Upon detection of managers’ quandaries, managers are able to devise the best measures, in an attempt to find the best solutions to their problems.

Analysts argue that, it is through self-analysis that individuals are able to fit in various settings and interact with fellow workmates.

In line to this argument, therefore, it is important that self-analysis and self-development be regarded as the best paraphernalia towards successful business operations by managers.

According to Colbert and Bono (2005, pp.200), self-analysis is a methodology that an individual undertakes in an endeavor to understand their own individualities, emotions and conducts.


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