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The chapter is divided into three sections including the introduction section in which the author discusses technological advancements and the impact of this technological advancement.

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It was the desire of mankind to fly since very beginning, after seeing the birds.

Yet the airplane was invented, after thousands of years of the inception of this desire.

The author then tries to differentiate between science and technology and states that differentiating both of them is quite difficult because they have merged with each other. This effort is centered at economic and environmental sustainability in particular.

Researchers on the other hand play a major role in the ladder of success of wind-turbine industry especially in Denmark (Kamp et al., 2004).

But this was not the situation a few years back as science was recognized as the hunt for knowledge in order to increase an individual’s understanding of the environment that is natural.

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On the other hand technology was recognized as a tool that could help individuals in coping with their natural environment. Science and Society Question 1a The exceedingly advancement of science in invention and innovation led to the invention of atomic bombs in the 20th century.Body In the introduction section of the text the author discusses the involvement of technology in the society and its impact on society.The author focuses on the issue of privacy and how it has been impacted due to the use of technology.Your al affiliation Abstract This paper explores different articles that report on the research studies conducted to examine e Books evolution and usability in order to predict its future.It analyses e Books impact on technology, science, and society in general.Chapter Summary Chapter Summary Chapter Science, Technology And Society (STS) Introduction The Chapter of the textbook is d as Science, Technology And Society (STS) and in this chapter the author focuses on STS and how it has impacted the society (Markert, 2010).The chapter even covers definitions of technology and compares the constructs of science and technology.Based on the research evidence, the paper identifies that e Books will continue to evolve and likely to co-exist with paper book in future.E-books’ Future and Impact on Society, Science, and Technology With the availability and.....immeasurable blessings and it is impossible to confine them in a nutshell.The author states that as an individual increases his/her acceptance of technology in their life, their privacy starts declining.Furthermore the demand for a paperless society has even threatened the privacy of individuals within the society.


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