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That is why having people around you, with whom you can share yourself as well as learn from, is essential in one’s development as a whole person.

It allows a person to realize that it is not only his or her opinion that matters and that there are other sides of the story as well.

There is also a status quo, which must be kept inside the family.

Parents are power figures, and, therefore, would rather keep problems away from their children especially when they are too young.

In such cases, friendship helps them from being alienated and friends can offer comfort, security and help that they are reluctant to ask for inside the home.

Friends also tend to give a person a wider look at the world.Friends are able to provide advice that family members would not normally give.The comfort that friends can give to each other is entirely different from that given by family members.There are things that set friendship apart from family.In the family, there are certain restrictions with regards to the stories a person can tell or the secrets that are revealed.To make it clear, there is nothing wrong with being alone.In fact, being alone allows a person to reflect on his or her life, and would make him or her independent.At a very young age, people are encouraged to meet other people and interact with them. It has to have a strong foundation to last forever.In addition, a friendship also has to have loyalty, acceptance, understanding, and love.There are so many activities that people can do as friends.However, this is not to say that friends always need to do something to have fun nor do they have to be in large groups to feel happy.


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