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People began to forget about their children and parents because they were just trying to stay alive and get away.

Dehumanized by being treated like animals, many Jews lost their spirits and surrendered themselves to death.

The book, Night was related to human behavior in many ways to society.

It revolves around the acts or prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping, and more.

Elie Wiesel Essay About The Holocaust During the Second World War Jews were killed in huge numbers by Hitler and his followers. Some of them belong to upper class some to the lower class. Elie Wiesel has to live alone feeling the smog of burnt bodies of his mother and sister, with his dead father, and with his memory. People who stayed in concentration camps had two aims: to eat and not to lose the one who was near. Further, he was always argued over different things with God. They ate snow instead of water and were glad that their shoes were so dirty that nobody saw them. In “Night” the life throws the main hero to different camps and in the hands of different people. This is the story of hunger to life, struggle, and despair. Popular papers ·10 Essential Skills for Any Career ·Essay About Cancer: Life Goes On!

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Besides, if you have a task to write a speech about a war, our speech writer online will help you any time. According to the Theory people are divided into classes. If you have a paper on war, you can get essay review written for you by our writers. In one of interviews with Wiesel the author of “Night” told that he did not understand why God let things happen. Jews in the period of Holocaust lived in order to get an extra spoon of soup and chunk of bread. Read our essay on empathy here: All in all, the boy manages to survive. Even nowadays it is so painful to remember the events which happened in the past during the one of the cruelest wars in the world. Elie once has told that he has never lost his faith.Get papers and support from essay customer service. That was a period when Jews were burnt and kept in concentration camps. Still, Jews keep in memory the events of those days. Now it is time to know what happened during the Holocaust. It so tiresome and actually does not have any sense. These people had done nothing and however were tormented, dishonored and liquidated for no reason other than they were Jews.Wiesel is a witness to all the horrible things such as; the death of his family, the death of his childhood and the death of his God. Everything that he wrote about in this book happened to him.In the story he says, I felt the revolt rise up in me. The Eternal, Lord of the Universe, the All-Powerful and Terrible, was silent. This quote shows that he no longer has faith in his god because if god was so good why would he have them go through such a horrible experience?The Nazis clever plan to strip Jews of the strength they obtained from their religion began even before the Jews went to ghettos in there home towns and intensified in the camps.In the story on of the fathers in the story stops to rest and doesnt get up.The boy tried to talk him into getting up and pushing on but the man is to weak.First the Nazis took over their town and then they sent everyone to camps.Little did the Jewish people of this town, know how bad things would get once they got to the camps.


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