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Unlike Medicare, Health Care for America will place limits on total annual out-of-pocket costs paid by enrollees.

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In addition, preventive and well-child checkups would be provided to all beneficiaries at no out-of-pocket cost.According to its supporters, Health Care for America will provide comprehensive coverage.Along with all current Medicare benefits, the plan will cover mental health and maternal and child health.As it currently does for Medicare, the federal government would bargain for lower prices and upgraded care for every Health Care for America enrollee. employers would be expected to either provide health coverage for their employees equal in quality to Health Care for America or pay a modest payroll-based tax to support Health Care for America and help their employees buy their own coverage.All Health Care for America enrollees could choose coverage under the affordable Medicare-like plan offering them free choice of medical providers or a selection of more expensive, comprehensive private health insurance plans. The process would be similar to how employers currently pay an unemployment tax to help fund state unemployment compensation programs.In 2009, President Barack Obama unveiled his proposal for a plan intended to reduce the soaring costs of healthcare by providing all Americans with health insurance.The plan, titled Healthcare America at the time, would eventually be passed by Congress as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.The Institute of Medicine reported in September 2012 that approximately 0B per year in U. During a June 2009 speech, President Barack Obama outlined his strategy for reform.He mentioned electronic record-keeping, preventing expensive conditions, reducing obesity, refocusing doctor incentives from quantity of care to quality, bundling payments for treatment of conditions rather than specific services, better identifying and communicating the most cost-effective treatments, and reducing defensive medicine.These range from increased use of health care technology through changing the anti-trust rules governing health insurance companies and tort-reform to rationing of care.Different overall strategies have been suggested as well. This included: unnecessary services (0 billion annually); inefficient delivery of care (0 billion); excess administrative costs (0 billion); inflated prices (5 billion); prevention failures ( billion), and fraud ( billion).


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