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Summarize it (say what happened briefly) using this formula:“[Somebody] wanted…but…so…”Confused?

Here’s what it looks like in action:“Bruce Wayne wanted to save Gotham but supervillains were trying to destroy it, so he trained hard and became Batman.”Recognize that story?

Here are the punctuation marks that we use in English, together with some punctuation quizzes and a punctuation song. It means taking another person's work (without asking) and calling it your own.

Signs and Symbols English also uses a number of special symbols that act as abbreviations or have their own meaning. Writing Prompts Practise various aspects of written English with prompts designed specially for English learners.

What you’ll learn: This exercise will help you understand and remember vocabulary words better for a number of reasons.

Here are a few: When your story is finished, you can share it with friends or on a blog. Think about what you would smell, feel or even taste.

In order to break the rules, you first need to learn them!

If you take classes, you probably have written assignments. Speaking is simple—you just find someone to speak to, and start talking. Improving your English writing doesn’t have to be frustrating or boring. The Internet might be changing the way we communicate in English, but that just makes it even important to learn how to write properly.

That’s a summary of “Batman Begins.” To use the formula in the same way, just fill in the blanks: Here’s another example:“Little Red Riding Hood wanted to visit her grandmother but when she got there she found a wolf instead, so she yelled for help and a passerby came to her rescue. ”What you’ll learn: This method can help you summarize almost anything.

You might find it difficult to explain an entire story or book in just one sentence.


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