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Being mean included yelling at me because they wanted their back packs urgently although I had to go over at least three hundred bags while searching for the one they needed.I would try to remain calm and patient, explaining why it took me time to locate bags but my explanations always fell on deaf ears.

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This meant sleeping at the shelter and living in the conditions which the homeless folks live in.

When we were dropped at the Wheeler Men's shelter, I had a bag with a few clothes and toiletries because I wanted to have the few things which most of the homeless possess.

I vividly remember walking in downtown Indianapolis and meeting a homeless person holding a card with "I can write a computer program in exchange for food" written on it.

As a computer science major this quickly caught my attention as I wondered how a person who could program was homeless and alone in America; a country I always referred to as the land of opportunities.

He did not believe that I was from Africa, and he started asking questions about the Zimbabwean president and the government in order to verify that I was really from Zimbabwe.

He went on to ask me questions about Sudan and luckily I knew a little bit.As a requirement, I had to leave all gadgets on campus except my cell phone.I was with three other classmates who included two Caucasians and one Hispanic.I always thought that jobs were plenty since I often get off-campus job opportunities in my college emails.When it was time to choose a winter term class, I looked at all these fancy classes which were available but I was attracted by the Inner City Missions class.However, I also encountered some homeless people who were mean and seemed bored all the time.I then discovered that the mean people were the chronically homeless who were sick and tired of doing the same things.On the first day, I was responsible for the housekeeping which included doing the job I detest the most. My job was to collect and pack bags and put them onto shelves.Also, I had to check the homeless people's personal belongings for dangerous objects like knives and anything which could be used to harm other people.It was touching how the homeless people always shared the little they had, and they referred to each other as brothers.The most difficult thing was encountering two boys who were my age but stayed at the shelter.


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