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So plastic bags needs to be banned to save soil and ultimately the environment.

The ban will regulate the distribution of plastic bags only to heavy duty use and at a fee.

Keeping in mind the sad state of the environment and the kind of risk we have imposed, the right measures need to be taken at the earliest.

The basic information First of all, people need to be educated about why they should steer away from the use of plastic.

But the same cannot be used for storing products like shampoo, chips, candies, and more.

Not many are aware of the importance of the plastic and why plastic bags should not be banned.It is very important keeping in mind the ever-increasing global warming and environmental pollution.These short essays for students shall motivate them to discard the use of plastic bags altogether and they shall, in fact, be able to guide others as well.Shortage of trees has cause many natural calamities like draught and landslides.This is also one of the reasons for why plastic bags should not be banned. Paper bags can be used for carrying stuff from market to home.Banning something is not a solution rather finding an alternative can be.Although the government of India is doing its bit in securing the environment, it should also evaluate the other side of the coin.Our soil takes almost 500 years to decompose one plastic bag.Burning them also does not help as it releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere.Paper bags have been touted to be the best alternative for the plastic bags.However, it is important to understand that the papers are made up of tree. A shortage of tree has led to diminishing forests and disturbed environmental cycle.


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