Essays On Symbolism In The Glass Menagerie

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The unicorn thus introduces Williams’s theme of lost innocence, and it emphasizes his interest in the sacrifices his characters make as they grow older.Williams emphasizes the uniqueness and purity of Laura’s unicorn—qualities that are diminished when the outside world intrudes on the Wingfield dining room.Williams reminds us that the unicorn is glass, transparent, and completely unclouded.

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Laura gives it special attention, emphasizing its distinction among its neighbors.

When Jim, a representative of the outside world, visits for dinner, he remarks on the big, ungainly shadow he casts across the living room, begins a clumsy dance with Laura, knocks over the unicorn, and breaks its horn.

Although I do not feel trapped as Tom does, I feel contained at home, unable to express my true thoughts and feelings.

Not exactly my family, but my present life in Pennsylvania seems to trap me into a future full of regrets.

Likewise, Laura herself radiates delicacy and purity, which she isn’t able to retain fully after her dinner with the gentleman caller.

Essays On Symbolism In The Glass Menagerie

In subtler ways, the play’s three main characters lose some of their youthful hope and idealism to the constricting realities of adult life.In Tennessee Williams' play The Glass Menagerie; he uses symbols to represent the reoccurring theme of the failure to accept reality and Tom's theme of escape.Like his narrator, Tom, Williams has a poet's "weakness for symbols" and the most prominent of these symbols is Laura's glass menagerie, which is very central to the play and links all the themes together.Therefore, he is drawn to the fire-escape to be in touch with the outside world and to forget the problems inside.It can be argued that "inside" is full of people who lead unrealistic lives, and that is Tom's reality.Like the unicorn, Laura loses some of her purity through contact with Jim.Having thought she could indulge a childhood fantasy and fall in love with Jim, she learns that he is already engaged and has merely been flirting with her.Readers, young and old can all relate to the timeless symbolism and themes that intertwine into a seamless work of powerful messages in the play.Tom Wingfield, who acts as both a character and narrator throughout the play, best relates to me personally through the many personality traits he exemplifies and hopes and dreams that he holds dear.His want to experience "adventure", his use of poetry as an escape from real life problems, and his never-dying feeling of being contained by his own family all relate to personal experiences I have felt at some point in time in my life.Although Tom tends to like the rest of his family, escape into fantasies, the drama reveals many similarities between the personalities of the character Tom and myself, and we both feel trapped by the ones we love.


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