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The group was very impressed with mine." "I bought your guide to help ease the stress of writing a business plan from scratch.

Once again, thank you." "We purchased your business plan a while ago and I wanted to let you know that we were successful with the bank.

I obviously adapted the plan to suit our company but could not have done it without your plan as it showed me how to set it all out etc and what was required.

" "I just completed my plan and it was reviewed by my advisory team - they thought it was excellent, particularly being my first write to them.

This team of business writers view thousands of business plans before they recommend them to investors for funding.

It includes over 250 examples to make completing your business plan a simple task.

You can choose to edit the sample estate agent business plan directly or use this template to add in your details.Every lender requires a business plan from you and the Business Plan Academy has made this task quick and easy for you.Through our 20 years business planning experience, we've worked with many banks and perfected the 18-page estate agent business planning system.The guide was straight forward and is written in a way that anyone can understand.It was good value for money and I would recommend them." "Many thanks for this most helpful week of collected information. As a new entrepreneur I have taken help and advice from a large proportion of the business plan you supplied.The information you supply is perfect and easy to read to put together a professional business plan.With your help, I feel I am now ready to tackle the bank.At the heart of this system is an already completed estate agent business plan with every section your lender requires already completed.Simply enter your own business data to tailor the narrative to your business.Then use the "Financial Forecasting Wizard" to create all your financial plans.The estate agent business plan also comes with the following comprehensive business planning tools at no additional cost to you: This step-by-step guide takes you through every element required for your plan.


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