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Cherishing human life is something that should always be a value to anybody, one can argue that the actions of whoever committed the crime were so bad that they deserve this penalty no matter how much their life is equal to any one of us.Either way, your points are definitely valid and can be taken to consideration, if you are interested here is a link to some more information and cases about the penalty (Just in case you havent seen it already) There are several cases that can be fought for or against and others that are definitely on the side of the jury, but anyone can argue for humanity I suppose.These studies as a whole provide robust evidence -- evidence obtained from a variety of different models, data sets and methodologies that yield the same conclusion.

Their data set contains detailed information on the entire 6,143 death sentences between 19.

As Bedau points out, Of the 313 persons executed between January 1977 and the end of 1995, 36 had been convicted of killing a black person while 249 (80%) had killed a white person Our criminal justice system essentially reserves the death penalty for murderers (regardless of their race) who kill white victims.

The so called side-by-side studies that purport not to reveal any deterrent effect (for example comparing death penalty enforcing state A with non-death penalty state B over the same time frame) fail to normalize for demographic differences.

There are always higher crime prone sub-populations in any geographic area.

We can reduce delay and costs only by abandoning the procedural safeguards and constitutional rights of suspects, defendants, and convictswith the attendant high risk of convicting the wrong person and executing the innocent.

I find the evidence in favor of the death penaltys deterrent effect on homicidal behavior to be highly persuasive, leaving aside the more difficult issue of measurement of the power of the effect on a given, demographically mixed population.

Psychiatrists, who may or may not specialize in legal work, are called on to participate in capital punishment cases at several points in the legal process.

For instance, their opinions may be requested in the determination of fitness to stand trial, and on mental state at the time of the crime, particularly in connection with the insanity defense.

Although I agree with most of what you are arguing, I believe you omitted to mention one argument in defense of the death penalty.

In fact, studies have proven that the death penalty is effective for reducing homicide rates.


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