Ethics Statement Dissertation

To society as a whole we owe the benefit of our knowledge and understanding of Biological, Cultural, Social, and Psychological Aspects of Aging.

We should communicate our understanding of human aging to the society at large.

To our students, interns, and trainees, we owe nondiscriminatory access to education and training.

We shall provide education and training that is informed, accurate, and relevant to the needs of our students and relevant to the needs of the larger society.

We shall provide a means through our research activities and in subsequent publications and reports to maintain the confidentiality of those we study.

The people we study and their proxies must be made aware of the likely limits of confidentiality and must not be promised a greater degree of confidentiality than can be realistically expected under current legal circumstances in our respective nations.

We shall report our research, teaching and service activities accurately.

We will prevent distortion or suppression of research results or policy recommendations by concerned agencies.6.

This ethics statement applies but is not limited to our relations with research subjects, colleagues, students, employees and society at large as we carry out our aging related work. To those we study we owe disclosure of our research goals, methods, and sponsorship.

The participation of people in our research activities shall only be on a voluntary basis and only on research projects approved by an appropriate institutional review board.


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