Example Of A Summary Essay

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The author will likely develop this argument by including a discussion with examples and statistics in order to fully support the idea.

When summarizing, you should not rewrite the argument and all the key supporting points the author uses.

Put the essay or article away when it's time to start writing the summary.

This will help you evaluate just how well you know what you've read twice and annotated.

What writing a summary does mean is that you use your own word choices and writing style to identify the main points of the text.

Here are two examples: Quick Tip: When summarizing, read a section, then put the text aside.

If the title of an article is “Why the Legal Smoking Age Should Be Raised to 21,” you can bet the writer will outline several ideas to support this claim.

These will be the main points you’ll include in your summary. If an article focuses on why the legal smoking age should be raised to 21, the author might include the argument that raising the legal age will reduce the number of teen smokers.

If you don’t look directly at the original source when you write, you’ll be able to write using your own word choices and writing style.

Kay Ruiz’s article “Should We Allow Advertising in Our Children’s Schools?


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