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1996 p.i) * This is the aim of the research, but it is not very clearly stated.

Abstract(Background statement) The spread of antibiotic resistance is aided by mobile elements such as transposons and conjugative plasmids.

(Results) In this study, 41 % of multiple antibiotic resistant bacteria and 79 % of extended-spectrum b-lactamase producing organisms were found to carry either one or two integrons, as detected by PCR.

(Results) A novel gene cassette contained within an integron was identified from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, encoding a protein that belongs to the small multidrug resistance (SMR) family of transporters.

(Narrowing statement) Recently, integrons have been recognised as genetic elements that have the capacity to contribute to the spread of resistance.

(Elaboration of narrowing) (statement) Integrons constitute an efficient means of capturing gene cassettes and allow expression of encoded resistance.


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