Fahrenheit 451 Technology Essay

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Although the setting of his famous novel, Fahrenheit 451, is in some future time, the society shown in this setting seems sadly stark, almost hopeless.

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Fahrenheit 451 had many futuristic ideas of mechanical dogs working for the firemen.

The firemen work not to stop fires, but start them to burn books.

The threats for atomic wars and bombs have been so large that the possibility has been largely raised.

Martin Hellman says that throughout the next 80 years, their is a 50% possibility of a nuclear war occurring.

Many wars have happened since the earth had been ruled by humans.

Those wars costing hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent standby people.

Montag, a fireman, has had a change in morality of his job.

His actions cause him to be in trouble with Beaty, the head fireman, which then Montag kills.

Bradbury has given us a warning of the obsession with technology in his writing, Fahrenheit 451. I just want someone to hear what I have to say" (78).

Montag saw how obsessed his society was with technology because he noticed how "Nobody listens anymore. Montag is frustrated that people's opinions are no longer valid because the society is too busy focusing on the fascinating technology.


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