Food Web Assignment

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Food chain and food web form an integral part of this ecosystem.

Let us take a look at the food chain and a food web and the difference between them.

In this process, all the energy that primary consumer receive is not used up rather some amount of energy goes wasted.

Likewise when the chain further proceeds, secondary consumers feed on primary consumers and they use only the energy taken in my primary consumers.

In scientific terms, a food chain is a chronological pathway or an order that shows the flow of energy from one organism to the other.

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In a community which has producers, consumers, and decomposers, the energy flows in a specific pathway. But it flows from one level to the other, through different organisms. The source of energy is different for different living organism.Like, plants use the energy from sunlight to prepare food whereas animals eat plants as the source of energy.If we go right from the beginning, plants use sunlight to prepare foods and hence are called autotrophs or primary producers.Then comes those organisms that eat the autotrophs, and they are called primary consumer.Therefore, it can be said that there is lot more than eating and being eaten in the process of food web.Food web can be classified into two main groups the autotrophs and the heteroptrophs. The sun is the source of all the energy on the earth. Secondary consumers are animals that eat other animals for energy. Decomposers are organisms that eat dead things for energy.Some of the example here includes: deer, cow, rabbit, grasshopper etc. Then comes the secondary consumers; these are those animals that eats primary consumers like that of birds that eats grasshopper.Further are the tertiary consumers that eat secondary consumers.


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