Foundation Business Plan

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The plan may include details about the need for the organization's services (a needs assessment) and about the likelihood that certain funding will be available (a feasibility study) or about changes to the organization's technology or staffing that will be needed in order to successfully advance its mission.

Another potential aspect of a business plan could be a "competitive analysis" describing what other entities may be providing similar services in the nonprofit's service and mission areas.

What if the particular sources of income that exist today change in the future?

A business plan can help the nonprofit and its board be prepared for future risks, by answering questions such as, “What is the likelihood that the planned activities will continue as usual?

The individual boxes refer to the four fundamental value questions in the following way: The three boxes in the top left part of the Canvas relate to value creation.

A business needs a network of suppliers and partners to make it successful because no business can possibly provide every element of a solution by itself.

or that our current sources of revenue will continue to provide this level of income? ” You can think of a business plan as a narrative - or story - explaining (ideally in a way that will make sense to someone not intimately familiar with the nonprofit's operations) how the nonprofit will thrive given its activities, its sources of revenue, its expenses, and the inevitable changes in its internal and external environments over time.

According to Propel Nonprofits, business plan usually should have 4 components that identify: revenue sources/mix; operations costs; program costs; and capital structure.

It's a "plan" after all - and the underlying assumptions may change.

If they do, then having a plan can be useful during the process of identfying adjustments that need to be made to respond to changes in the nonprofit's operating environment. A business plan prepared for a bank (to support a loan application) may be different from a busines plan that board members will use to help define their priorities in recruiting new board members.


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