Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Themes Essay

Fear of Sexuality Many critics have observed that by usurping the role of woman and by indulging in secret toils’ in the workshop of filthy creation.

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Normally when children are born, they are looked after, their parents take full responsibility of rearing and nurturing them till they become fully familiar with the world they are brought into. He animates a dead matter and creates a Being (though ugly in shape) and in complete horror abandons him in the world of which he has no idea and where he is totally alien.

Having assembled the bones and other tissues from various charnels and graves and animates the frame.

This leads to the idea that Victor is frightened by the very thought of sexuality.

This view is supported by his own reaction to his father’s suggestion that he should marry Elizabeth: “Alas!(It seems that she had noticed signs of worry on Victor’s face).There was considerable anxiety and fear vision on Victor.maintains that any good dramatic work has to have a thesis which contains the formula "X leads to Y." There is always a "leads to" in the formula, and this constitutes what is called "the second act." In the basic thesis is: The abuse of science leads to disaster. And in modern times it has been used by popular writers like Robin Cook. An interesting example of this thesis that the misuse of science leads to disaster is Curt Siodmak's 1942 sci-fi novel are creation, knowledge, and politics.Victor Frankenstein wishes to create a living human being and succeeds in doing so. The Monster he has created hates his maker and takes terrible revenge. This thesis has been used countless times since Mary Shelley published her novel in 1818. These ideas continue to show themselves throughout the story creating time for the reading to draw a deeper connection to the concepts.Victor an ambitious scientist eliminates both God and woman.In a way Mary Shelley parodises the Biblical myth of creation and suggests the Victor’s over confident in displacing God is his greatest crime.The nightmarish experience, he undergoes after the creation of the monster supports the idea that Victor is now repelled by the thought of natural sexuality.In his dream when he kisses Elizabeth, she turns into a corpse of his dead mother.Knowledge- This premise uncovers how power can be misused.Yes, knowledge is power but it must be used insightfully.


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