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Students tend to love any form of video, so releasing them on You Tube is a heaven for them.

Setting them a simple assignment to go away and find some French-speaking PG13 You Tubers to watch will go down a treat.

This will keep them engaged and expose them to a whole new culture that might inspire them to learn French during the class time. Get them onto a language learning app, Try Flash Academy, our language learning app, perfect for newbie and intermediate French learners (even Advanced learners too! Flash Academy for French is full of games, lessons, activities, flashcards, native-speaking videos and challenges to get started on.

Creative learning for your students can come in many different forms, but apps are an attractive way to learn.

Do you have any tips on how to assign fun french homework? Francesco is a big fan of everything technology, productivity tools, tea, motorsport and marketing (surprisingly).

Let us know in the comments what French homework you’ve assigned recently and whether your students found it beneficial, we’d love to hear any creative assignments you’ve had success with too! Feel free to reach out to Francesco and the social team on Twitter @Flash Sticks.Making it more interactive for students will grasp their interest and provide them with a way to channel their current loves into French language learning.Here are a few recommendations how to assign fun French homework.Using the home time to revise and grow their knowledge of the French language can save you huge amounts of time during classes repeating the same content to them, helping them to move onto the more advanced or more curriculum important topics.The most valuable thing you can do when looking at how to assign fun French homework is to make the French homework relevant to their current interests.Ask them to tally the adjectives, verbs, and phrases that they’ve studied in class to see how many they can match-up.Almost like Bingo, but with key phrases in a video.Get the students to note down the characters names, remove subtitles, and capture the storyline in detail explaining how they were able to define what the storyline was.This will help them to use the French language to actively search for clues during the episode to what is going on. Giving them TV to use as homework will get on their nerves, so assign this assignment with concrete intentions that the students understand to avoid backlash from the parents.Remember sites like Pinterest are a hub for creative ways to learn French at home for your students.Here’s a great board full of useful ideas to help boost the success of French class with creative lesson assignments and activities.


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