French Work Experience Coursework

French Work Experience Coursework-19
Students enrolled in an accredited four-year college or equivalent course work may meet this requirement.

Such assessments might encompass written and oral expression, listening comprehension, reading and vocabulary, language structures and cultural knowledge.

After finishing the educational and examination requirements, aspiring French teachers can apply for teacher certification, which generally entails fingerprinting and background checks.

General Work Experience Education is supervised employment which is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness.

The work experience need not be related to the students' educational goals.

To be eligible, students must be employed in a paid or volunteer position and, under the guidance of a participating first line supervisor, assume new or expanded job duties.

Students must also enroll in at least seven units of college coursework including Work Experience.Students can earn a maximum of 16 units of occupational work experience or six units of general work experience.​Evergreen Valley College's Work Experience is helpful for students wishing to pursue an active career while in college as well as those who want a successful career in the future, after college.Placement assistance is available, but ultimately the student is responsible for securing a paid or unpaid position.In addition to receiving credit towards their certificate or degree, students often experience increased on-the-job visibility, earn additional responsibilities and gain new opportunities.Students are assisted by the Work Experience Coordinator who monitors progress and helps bridge the gap between these learning opportunities and the realities of work.​Work Experience is open to students in all majors.Here's a success tip: join nationally accredited organizations.Enrolling in certification through a national organization, such as the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages, exemplifies to employers the dedication a potential candidate has for teaching.A bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement to apply for state teaching licensure.Future French teachers may select from several majors, such as French, education with a minor in French or French with a minor in education, depending upon the school they choose to attend.This review, in addition to student work and the evaluation made by the coordinator determines the final grade.Students can receive one unit of credit for each five hours worked per week up to a maximum of four units per semester for work experience related to the student's college major (occupational work experience), and up to three units per semester for non-major related work experience (general work experience).


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