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Lastly, I hope my stories make you chuckle and feel a little better about yourself.

Lastly, I hope my stories make you chuckle and feel a little better about yourself.

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Hell, one might even go as far as to say I was a “popular” girl.

But when I hit my late 20s, got married, and started having kids, the business of making friends morphed into an exhausting process that often times left me feeling pissed off, empty and alone.

Finally, his friends left him forever, but his family encouraged him to surrender himself to justice, because they knew only this could help him to begin his life anew.

The relatives can real help us when we have some problems.

Bacon introduces the text with thoughts of Aristotle on companionship.

He posits that human nature demands company and social contact.

When we make a big mistake, our family members can forgive us, and give us a chance to atone for what we had done.

Because we have blood relationship with our relatives, whatever we do bad things, they will accept and help us to make up those mistakes.

Usually, we prefer to talk about our interesting things, love life, movies, music and so on.

Furthermore, we make a lot of joke to each other, we do not need to think too much about words using.


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