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Graffin and Gurewitz quickly emerge as the band's songwriters, penning complete songs, both music and lyrics, separately, rarely collaborating. "Mine [songs] tend to be a little more accessible and Greg's lyrics have been called obtuse," says Gurewitz.

"He uses big words and obtuse concepts." Gurewitz tells Exclaim! Two weeks later, the band book their first show at Joey Kills in Burbank, but the manager never shows and the gig is cancelled.

They're introduced to Gurewitz through mutual friend Tom Clement.

Gurewitz is already a member of a New Wave group called the Quarks.

"I just knew that we were a garage band and nobody was going to put out our record," he'll tell Exclaim! Both Graffin and Gurewitz take a crack at designing a logo for the fledgling label.

"He was a better artist," Graffin tells Goldmine, "but I had good ideas." Graffin draws a cracked three-dimensional 2004 that the Adolescents' Blue and Kids of the Black Hole albums were his biggest influences as far as his writing style. The tape they emerge with makes the rounds, eventually landing in the hands of Lucky Lehrer, drummer for Circle Jerks, an already established So-Cal hardcore band featuring former Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris and guitarist Greg Hetson, who also plays in Redd Kross. Instead the band's first show is at a warehouse party outside Los Angeles opening for Social Distortion, at the time still in their infancy.Lehrer plays the tape on Bingenheimer's show on KROQ, known for being friendly to local L. With only half-a-dozen songs in their catalogue, they play the same set twice. hardcore, although elements of the band's more melodic sound are there, as is the band's ability to pen political songs that offer more than simple sloganeering.But they discover that the B-side's inscription now reads "Ellipsis you are." The record is distributed by JEM Records, but Gurewitz creates Epitaph Records."JEM had to buy the records from somebody," says Gurewitz of the label's humble origins.A.'s influential hardcore scene, helping to bring the underground into the mainstream and then actually benefitting from punk's mid-'90s multi-platinum heights.Like a punk rock AC/DC, they've maintained razor sharp focus, rarely deviating from a script written when their key figures — singer Greg Graffin, guitarist Brett Gurewitz and bass player Jay Bentley — were 15, becoming a highly respected institution in the process.The trio pen "Sensory Overlord," "World War III" and "Politics," all of which end up on the band's debut EP.Noticing a lack of bottom end to their sound, Graffin recruits schoolmate Jay Bentley.And we all thought that's a better idea." The record is mastered at Goldstar Recorders in Hollywood where future Concrete Blonde singer Johnette Napolitano works as a receptionist.She likes the band's music and suggests they use her boyfriend, one-time Sparks guitarist and future Concrete Blonde guitarist James Mankey, as producer on their next album.


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