Halloween Vs Prom Night Essay

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It has, I guess, few artistic pretensions, and yet it's not a rock-bottom-budget, schlock exploitation film.

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At this point in her career, if she should get a straight role in a conventional movie, she might start screaming and running away from the camera just on reflex."Terror Train" has another one of those "Prom Night" premises, in which a horrible event from several years ago causes terrible revenge during a gala event in the present. Movies like "Terror Train," and all of its sordid predecessors and its rip-offs still to come, just don't care.

In "Terror Train," the party's being held on a private train, chartered by some fraternity and sorority kids. As the bodies stack up and blood drips from the upper berths, he repeats things like, "Now you young ladies stay up here - it's too dangerous down in that other car." As the train hurtles crazily through the night, his calm begins to seem more and more bizarre. They're a series of sensations, strung together on a plot. Just don't forget the knife, and the girl, and the blood.

But "Halloween," itself one of the year's best films, changed all that.

After it racked up grosses of nearly $60 million, producers began to comb through it, looking for ways to exploit its success.

Once night falls, the real terrorizing begins, as Laurie babysits young Tommy (deathly scared of the boogeyman, he serves as the obligatory kid that nobody believes) and Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers, who repetitiously sneaks up on his cohorts) tries futilely to track down the murderer at large.

Anticipation is built up in an excruciating manner as dimwitted characters stumble about, oblivious to the knife-wielding maniac hovering just behind them.Myers famously moves very slowly, can take a beating (including bullets!), disappears into shadows, and remains unnoticed even in broad daylight.he camera slowly zooms in on a glowing jack-o-lantern face during the opening credits, while director John Carpenter’s self-composed synthesizer music presides.It can be interpreted as hokey or representational of the manner in which audiences are intended to digest the coming frights.His doctor, Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence, taking his role seriously but disbelievingly), knows that the deranged convict will journey back to his hometown for bloody revenge.So it’s not surprising when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis, the daughter of Janet Leigh) is shadowed by a tan station wagon, and an eerie, white-faced, black-garbed stranger randomly appears in her yard, behind shrubs, and skulking around the neighborhood.The opening scene is filmed through Myers’ mask, frequent over-the-shoulder angles are used, and peeking through windows and doors are routine perspectives.There are also plenty of first-person points of view, shots of Myers standing in the background behind unsuspecting characters, and people jumping into frame to scare their targets despite certainly being in full visibility of the actors.Stalking is drawn out, along with the actual attacks (how many minutes does it take to strangle a girl?), many of which are now weirdly humorous or downright silly.


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