Hazing Essay Thesis

If students in high school learn that hazing is unacceptable, they will say no to hazing in college.Hopefully, they will recognize that they are being put in a dangerous situation and ask the hazers to stop.

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that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate" ( 1).

Most hazing deaths occur because the act goes too far; the hazers get carried away.

Although high school hazing starts out and seems harmless, it can quickly escalate to being harmful, dangerous, and illegal.

However, in most cases, the victim will still take part because they want to join the group. She wanted to join the volleyball team her first year in high school.

Victims believe that the hazing is necessary to join the group, club, team, or activity (Bushweller 2).

However, peer pressure not only forces the victim to go along with the act, but also forces the hazers to continue and the coaches to overlook it.(Also for sports teams, new members are often freshmen) I can talk about how teens try to out-do one another and how hazing can escalate to being dangerous and illegal. --Plaz , 17 April 2006 (EDT) Working Thesis: Although high school hazing can be harmless, it can escalate to being dangerous and illegal as teens try to out-do one another.--Plaz , 17 April 2006 (EDT) The sources I am using are (or in part) here: Hazing Paper/Sources We go to the library on 3/29/06 and 3/31/06 to research and listen to the boring database presentation. --Plaz , 17 April 2006 (EDT) Hazing is a very dangerous form of bullying.All through the summer, the threat of the "initiation" haunted her.One day she and her friends were attacked by seniors after class and smeared with concoctions that included canned dog food, eggs, ketchup, mustard, horse manure and pet feces.However, most victims are afraid to speak up when they are being victimized by hazing.Hazing victims do not speak up and ask for the hazing to stop because of peer pressure ().Their intention is to have a team building activity or make sure members are up to snuff (2). The acts often cross the line, and the victims do not complain because they want to join the group (2).Teens often want to outdo one another; each year, teens do something more dangerous than what happened to them while they were the victims (Bowers 1; Bushweller 3).Nick Haben was 18 when he was forced to consume large amounts of hard liquor and beer, jump over bonfires, and swim in a creek.He was just trying to join the college lacrosse team at Western Illinois University.


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