Homework Doesn T Help

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Research has found that too much homework can negatively affect children.

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And homework stress doesn’t just impact grade schoolers.

College students are also affected, and the stress is affecting their academic performance.

Remedial work like telling students to copy notes word for word from their text books will do nothing to improve their grades or help them progress. Both parents and students tend to get stressed out at the beginning of a new school year due to the impending arrival of homework.

Nightly battles centered on finishing assignments are a household routine in houses with students.

Parents that have instituted a no-homework policy have stated that it has taken a lot of the stress out of their evenings.

The standard endorsed by the National Education Association is called the “10 minute rule”; 10 minutes per grade level per night.Even the parent’s confidence in their abilities to help their children with homework suffers due increasing stress levels in the household.Fights and conflict over homework are more likely in families where parents do not have at least a college degree.“It seems that homework being assigned discriminates against parents who don’t have college degree, parents who have English as their second language and against parents who are poor.” Said Stephanie Donaldson Pressman, the contributing editor of the study and clinical director of the New England Center for Pediatric Psychology.With all the stress associated with homework, it’s not surprising that some parents have opted not to let their children do homework.When the child needs assistance, they have to turn to their older siblings who might already be bombarded with their own homework.Parents who have a college degree feel more confident in approaching the school and discussing the appropriate amount of school work.Makes you wonder what could a five year old possibly need to review as homework?One of the speculated reasons for this stress is that the complexity of what a student is expected to learn is increasing, while the breaks for working out excess energy are reduced.Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or parents for help if the stress of homework becomes too much for you.Most parents push their children to do more and be more, without considering the damage being done by this kind of pressure.


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