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Even today, we criticize the governments of mainland China, North Korea, and Myanmar for doing what our own government is doing right now.

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A strong message for liberty CAN be presented while maintaining decorum, politeness, and respectability.

I have also watched gains get thrown away by people unwilling to compromise on the details.

Why Am I running for Vice-President; First and foremost because I have been friends with Kim for a long time, and I have long respected her positions on libertarian matters, so when she approached me I did not have to think twice before enthusiastically joining her team. Over the last few years as a member, and for more than a decade before as an outside independent, I have watched the internal politics and back biting needlessly divide the party over hair splitting details.

Over that time I have watched the message of individual liberty get unnecessarily muddled and watered down.

I believe that I can present the end game strongly, firmly, and persuasively while accepting smaller gains if I have to.

I believe it because I have done it, and continue to do it every single day.It is a sign that whichever government indulges in that behavior has become no longer benevolent, but an oppressor: oppressor such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Mugabe, Putin, Duvalier, and others in recent history alone.Then there are more examples reaching back throughout history such as the Inquisition, the English Star Chamber, Tamerlane, Robespierre, Caligula, and Qin Shi Huang.Winston Churchill said “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it,” a paraphrasing of George Santayana before him.We are watching the repeating of history before our eyes: let’s open them wide and take action before we have to take the same course our founding fathers did.Cost estimates of 5 billion dollars in the budget that is currently causing our government shutdown, but government accountants think that number is very low.Estimates go up to 67 billion dollars and beyond in real costs.It is not enough to convince just minds, hearts must be convinced as well, and I am good at both.This is why I believe I am an excellent choice to be the Libertarian nominee for vice-president of the United States.Clinton and others for mishandling of the same classification of data, and the existing charge for the many times that journalists around the world have received awards for exposing the misdeeds of governments – including here in the U. Not only are the charges spurious for the reason of precedent, but they are based on actions that should be protected under whistle blower status. Pulitzers have been awarded, books have been written, movies have been made, and service medals given to people who have performed exactly the same deeds in the past.We have much to fear from a government that will ignore the wrong doings of its members in order to prosecute those who bring light to their illicit actions.


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