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I know it seems like she could do it herself, and I know that many experts advise you not to do anything your child could do herself.But when we help our kids in little ways that they specifically solicit, it is clear to them that we love caring for them, and they internalize that feeling of being loved, and of having backup to help them when things feel tough.Is she just too lazy to look at the book for herself? I am so frustrated and I want her to want to do her homework and "like" school. There is a wide range of how independent a second grader is in doing homework.

Holiday pages, mixed critical thinking skills, maps, puzzles, and mazes will capture the interest of your second graders.

Dr Laura, With the start of school, the struggle to do homework has begun.

Math expectations include measurement, mental math, geometry, addition and subtraction to prepare for multiplication, story problems, 3-digit numbers, estimation, skip counting, and graphs.

A stimulating, unsurpassed mix of reading, writing, and math is available in this resource unit that aligns with standard learning goals to maximize student achievement.

Some kids seem to need the parents' "embrace" verbally as they work just to sustain them while they do these new and not always pleasant tasks.

Most likely the parent's presence soothes the child's natural anxiety, giving them an anchor while they venture into a demanding new realm.I am saying that if your daughter asks you for help with something that you can easily help her with, it is good for your relationship, and actually helpful to her development, for you to extend the help rather than refuse. If you didn't know the author's name, and had to walk across the room to look at it, then you can't help her easily, and you would just tell your daughter that (kindly of course).It would be harder for her to look at it and write it than to have your help, but no big deal, and she certainly wouldn't expect you to walk across the room to look at it when it was in front of her.In general, reading may encompass filling out graphic organizers for literary elements, paying closer attention to affixes, adding creative ideas to existing stories, and spelling.Adding more detail, writing longer sentences, beginning to revise, and experimenting with opinion, narrative, and expository forms can be expected in the second grade writing curriculum.That presumes, though, that she has a full cup emotionally.If she doesn't, she might have a meltdown when you kindly tell her you can't help her with this task at this moment.If you need to tend to other children or make dinner, it is best to set up homework time in the kitchen near you.My teenagers still do their homework in our family room, so that as I make dinner, I am in the same room with them.This feeling positively about her homework is all part of her "liking" school, which is what we all want for our kids.In this case, it isn't a test to see if she can spell the author's name, so there is certainly nothing wrong with helping your child to spell the name of the author, especially when she is so young.


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