Homework Tips For Highschool Students

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The truth is that homework is designed to help reinforce what is taught in class.

Repetition is often the key to memorizing something.

Our tutors will work with your child to develop an individualized plan that fits his or her needs, while instilling effective time management tips and organizational skills. Encourage your child to think positively when studying or heading into an exam and by all means, avoid catastrophic thinking.

Help your student turn negative statements like, “I’ll never have enough time to get a good grade on this exam,” into positive ones like, “I began preparing later than I should have but I put together a comprehensive study plan and will be able to get through the material prior to the exam.” 6. Working in groups can help students when they’re struggling to understand a concept and can enable them to complete assignments more quickly than when working alone. It’s important for students to concentrate and avoid distractions when an instructor is presenting.

It helps you to stay focused on what is being taught.

Do this by: One method of note-taking is to rephrase your notes in a way that helps you better grasp the concepts, as is shown in the Cornell Method Note-taking.Once the shiny, freshness of back to school wears off, students and parents know it’s time to get down to business.Particularly for students heading to middle school or high school, the homework assignments become tougher, workloads get heavier and staying ahead of the curve becomes more of a challenge.Be sure to get organized, set goals with your child and have regular check-ins to assess progress.Beginning a new school year can be challenging at first, but getting into good habits from the start helps you and your child smoothly adjust to new expectations and routines.If a teacher says, “This is important” or “I’ll write this on the board,” there’s a good chance students will see the concept on an exam. However, there are certain strategies that will help him or her manage the stress and do his or her best on the exam.First, make sure that your child arrives on time and tries to stay relaxed.Don’t just do this by writing down what is due each day, but: Sticky notes are great!You can buy either the standard note pads or get the kind that work as bookmarks (“Post-it Flags” is one name for them).As a parent, you may ask, “What is the ‘secret behind the A’?” While having effective study skills may be overlooked on the academic journey, we’ve seen this be the tipping point in making good students into great students. Between homework, tests, and extracurricular activities, it’s all too easy for things to slip through the cracks.


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