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Luckily she happened to be a marriage and family therapist and not one of the conversion variety.She congratulated me and then asked me how being gay had affected my academics. I stammered out something about how concealing my being gay had been stressful and made it hard to concentrate. Once while taking a calculus test (yes, my STEM friends, I once knew integration by parts and u-substitution), I was indeed preoccupied, not directly by being gay but by my anguish over someone who perhaps served as a symbol for all my internalized homophobia.

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I was hiding my sexuality behind a perhaps paper-thin veneer of straightness. A couple of months after my deferral from Penn, I went to an interview for a different university.

My interviewer asked me if I had any new information to add to my application.

Someone manipulative and toxic with whom I had been close friends.

Someone who frequently called me a faggot (only because he “wanted me to be one,” he once said).

friend told me recently that someone she knew was applying to transfer out of Hopkins.

“Even if I absolutely fucking hated it here, I don’t think I’d ever transfer,” I said to her.You should choose a subject matter that you're well-versed on; now is probably not the time to write about something new (to you).Basically, we intentionally left the topic vague because we want to assess how you choose to examine a topic that matters to you.“I refuse to relive the stress of the college admissions process ever again.” Notwithstanding the chronic disappointment of searching for an empty cubicle on C-level on a Sunday night to be met only with seats saved by crusty Jan Sport backpacks, fortunately I am truly enjoying being a student at Hopkins.Never would I ever shed my elite azure wings and vacate the Hopkins nest. Admittedly, however, it ruffled those very feathers slightly when I saw on Facebook in early December that someone from my high school had been accepted Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), from where I had first been deferred and now (thankfully) rejected.But during my senior year, when even being asked for a pen (Penn, get it?) was distressing, I wondered: Would I have gotten into Penn had I responded differently to “Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it” on the Common App?The essay(s) not only demonstrates your writing skills, but it also allows the admissions committee to get to know you as more than just test scores, transcripts, and resume.Hopkins-Nanjing Center Statement of Purpose The statement of purpose is arguably the most important essay and is required for all applicants to Hopkins-Nanjing Center programs (Certificate, Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS), and the HNC Certificate Johns Hopkins SAIS MA).In a passcode-locked app on my phone, I had compiled phrases that began to describe how the metaphorical closet felt.I wanted desperately to put pen (ha) to paper and explain how I felt like a formaldehyde-preserved frog — puffed up on the outside, trapped in a disguise, not fully alive.


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